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BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes
BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes
BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes
BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes
BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes
BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes

BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes

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BikeTrax GPS Tracker for Shimano eBikes

The GPS Tracker Shimano from BikeTrax is currently the best GPS theft protection available for all e-bike owners. The GPS tracker is installed invisibly in the motor housing. Due to its minimal installation dimensions, the GPS Tracker Shimano fits into all common Shimano e-bike engine models.

Your routes are recorded and saved daily in the route diary, including distance, average and maximum speed. The export takes place as a gpx file. You can use your user profile on any number of devices. This means that family and friends can also see where you are or get a theft alarm.

What's in the box

  • GPS Tracker Shimano with an integrated SIM card
  • Shimano connection cable – compatible with all Shimano systems
  • an additional battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh
  • double-sided mounting adhesive for secure GPS tracker attachment
  • suitable cable ties for fixing the connection cable
  • free smartphone app

Installation of the GPS Tracker Shimano

Normally, the GPS tracker is connected to the battery of your e-bike to ensure the power supply. When the e-bike battery is switched off or removed, the GPS Tracker additional battery continues to supply the energy required for monitoring.

The maximum runtime is 14 hours for active GPS tracking and up to 3 weeks for stand-by operation. The additional battery is recharged immediately after switching on your e-bike. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

GPS data flat free in the first year

The GPS tracker is integrated into the EU-wide data network with the integrated SIM card. This means that you can see the location coordinates of your e-bike at any time throughout the EU.

In the event of theft or unauthorised use, the GPS system becomes active and immediately sends an alarm to your smartphone. No matter which EU country you are in.

The transmission of the GPS data is realised via GPRS and GSM. For the first year, BikeTrax pays the data transmission fees. After the first free year has expired, the cost of data transmission is a low € 3.95 per month.

There is no contract binding!

Data usage can also be conveniently activated on a monthly basis using the free smartphone app. If you only want to use the GPS Tracker Shimano in the summer months, you can do it simply by swiping your finger.

GPS tracker web platform

On the GPS web platform you can easily control and monitor GPS tracking using a PC, laptop or notebook. You get all the information about the location of your e-bike in real time and can view the routes traveled.

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