Bosch Smart System eBike Tuning

Bosch Smart System eBike Tuning

2022 Bosch Smart System eBike Tuning

In this short blog post we are going to provide an update on derestricting eBikes fitted with the 2022 Bosch Smart System.

How to know if your eBike is Bosch smart system? 

On the specifications you'll see the following;

1. 750Wh Battery

2. Kiox 300 Display

3. LED Remote on the handlebar

When will tuning kits be available for the Bosch smart system?

We have just launched pre-orders for two smart system tuning kits, we highly recommend placing a pre-order as stock is limited. We are aiming to ship orders w/c 6th June

What options are there?

Speedbox 1.0 B. Tuning for Bosch Smart System

This is the premium bluetooth enabled option for riders that would like to see accurate speed/distance via the Speedbox smartphone app

Speedbox 1.0 for Bosch Smart System

This is a standard option for riders that just want to derestrict their ebike, without the app integration

Important Info:

  • We are expecting to deliver these w/c 6th June (we will update you if anything changes)
  • We have been assured by the manufacturer that these have been thoroughly tested prior to release
  • Stock is limited, pre-orders will be prioritised by date placed
  • Like all Speedbox products, both of these are undetectable

Shipping Info:

  • UK orders will be fulfilled from our warehouse in Bristol with free shipping
  • EU orders will be fulfilled from our warehouse in the Netherlands with free shipping (import free)
  • Australia, US or Canada orders will be exported from our UK warehouse via DHL express (average delivery time is 5 working days)
  • Currencies accepted; GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD

If you have any questions about these products, feel free to contact us on 

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