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BikeFinder - Advanced GPS Tracker for eBikes

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3 year manufacturers warranty included

Does not affect your eBike's own warranty


BikeFinder is the most advanced tracking solution for eBikes using powerful GPS, GSM & Bluetooth tech

Get insurance & GPS tracking in one simple monthly subscription (UK only)

Unlike an AirTag, BikeFinder is hidden away and impossible to remove without the special tool provided

BikeFinder Advanced GPS Tracker for eBikes | Compatible with all eBikes

BikeFinder is a state-of-the-art tracking device built using powerful GPS, GSM & Bluetooth Technology. It enables a rider to track their bike's location accurately in realtime, receive a push notification if it's moved and generate a theft report for the police in seconds. One of the key benefits of BikeFinder is that riders can take advantage of a Tracking + Insurance subscription, giving them maximum protection in the event their bike is stolen. 

BikeFinder is compatible with all eBikes, MTBs & Road bikes and comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. 


  • Hidden & Locked - an expansion mechanism secures the tracker in place making it impossible to remove with the special tool included
  • Keep track of your eBike via the BikeFinder app (available on apple & android)
  • Get push notifications if your bike is moved, generate a theft report in seconds
  • Up to 2 weeks battery life with full tracking, 8 weeks in standby mode
  • Flexible subscription - get 2 years of tracking for only £2.99 a month
  • Add Premium Insurance to your subscription for added peace of mind (UK only)
  • Does not affect your ebike's manufacturers warranty

How does it work?

Step 1: Purchase your BikeFinder Tracker

Step 2: Wait for your tracker to arrive, download the BikeFinder App and choose your subscription. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You can even choose to add premium insurance to your subscription (UK only).

Step 3: Activate your Tracker and help keep your eBike safe!

Premium eBike Insurance courtesy of Sundays (UK only)

eBike value up to £3,500

eBike value up to £6,200

eBike value up to £13,000



52 g


221 x 92 x 61mm

All handlebars with an inner diameter between 15-27 mm. Approximately 96% of all handlebars are within these measurements. In the unlikely event that it does not fit your bike you’ll get a full refund.


USB-C Cable Adapter and 2.5 meter charging cable included

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BikeFinder - Advanced GPS Tracker for eBikes