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BadassBox 4 for Specialized Levo & Kenevo eBikes

BadassBox 4 for Specialized Levo & Kenevo eBikes

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BadassBox 4 Specialized eBikes

The badassBox is attached to the speed sensor of the e-bike and overrides the 25km/h speed limit. Remove it and your e-bike is restored to its original state. Please note, this device will result in the wrong speed being displayed. 

Suitable for:

  • Turbo Levo (2019-20)
  • Turbo Levo SL
  • Turbo Creo SL
  • Turbo Kenevo (2020)

Please note, this device is only compatible with the speed sensor below


  • Streamlined, registered design for casing
  • Patented snap-lock fastening
  • Securing feature on the housing
  • Patented field enhancement technology
  • AAA battery for range in excess of 7,000km
  • Auto industry potting compound
  • Doubled quality control
  • Made in Germany
  • One month money-back guarantee

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