VOLspeed V3 for Gen4 Bosch eBike

VOLspeed V3 for Bosch Gen4 Review


VOLspeed V3 for Bosch Gen4 Review

Update (25/04/2022) - The VOLspeed V3 has now been replaced by the V4. Check out our review here

In this blog post we are going to review the VOLspeed V3 tuning chip. This chip is used to derestrict an eBike with a Bosch motor and works on any model from 2014-2021 including Gen4 Performance Line CX. Before we start, please note that removing the speed limit on your eBike can void your warranty, derestricted eBikes are illegal and only to be used on private land. 


VOLspeed V3 for Bosch Gen4

There are a variety of different tuning chips available for the Bosch Gen4 motor. In this section we are going to discuss the VOLspeed V3 tuning chip. 

The VOLspeed V3 tuning chip is a great option for Bosch eBike owners. It is compatible with all Bosch eBikes from 2014 - 2021 meaning that it can be used on a huge variety of different Bosch motors. Good news if you are currently on a 2018 Bosch Active Line but have plans to upgrade to Gen 4 in the future! 


- Easily set a new max speed

- Simple activation by pressing minus for 3 seconds

- 100% waterproof

- Full use of speed and range calculation on your display

- Option to set an activation code to prevent unauthorised use

- Detailed instructions provided 

Installation & Setup

Now one thing that can be particularly daunting for eBike owners is installing the device. Fortunately installing these on eBikes with Gen4 Bosch motors only requires a basic toolkit and some patience if you have a particularly tight motor housing (Whyte e160 owners will know all about this!). Please note, installation on the Gen3 Active Line does require a crank removal so do bear this in mind prior to purchasing.  

In terms of setup, it's very straight forward. The instruction manual walks through process from start to finish with some helpful images! After connecting the chip to your motor you will have to begin the initial setup. This part involves pressing the minus & plus button on your display. It will then run through a launch sequence, the good thing here is that if the sequence doesn't run exactly as it's described in the manual - you know you have it connected wrong!

Pro Tip: If you ride with your display in mp/h, switch it to km/h so it matches exactly with what's written in the manual. 

How to setup a VOLspeed V3 


Set a new speed limit

Once the initial setup is complete, it's time to set your new max speed limit. This is a bit of a game changer for eBike tuning as it gives the rider complete control of the new max speed. You simply press minus for 3 seconds and then use your +/- to select your desired speed. The beauty of this feature is that it caters for all types of rider. For example if you have a 500wh battery and are concerned about battery consumption, you have the ability to give yourself a small increase in speed compared to a rider with a large battery who is more care-free.  

One thing we haven't mentioned here is that the VOLspeed also has the option of setting an activation code. This isn't a feature we have tested ourselves however we can see it being helpful for some riders. Essentially, you set a lock on the device so that it only activates once the correct button sequence has been pressed. 

Should I buy one? 

Overall we think the VOLspeed V3 is a superb tuning device for a Bosch motor, particularly for the new Gen4. Having tested this tuning chip extensively on both Gen4 and Gen3 motors we are extremely confident in it's ability to derestrict without throwing up a 504 (anti-tuning) error. In addition to this, we have tested it in wet conditions and had no electrical issues whatsoever. VOLspeed do claim it's 100% waterproof so hopefully that gives you piece of mind if you like riding in a bit of rain! All in all, it's a great piece of kit and the added feature of being able to set a new max speed limit is a game changer. It's a thumbs up for us! Lets us know what you think in the comments below!

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Electric bikes equipped with tuning devices are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with tuning products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. Under the EU's EN15194 regulation it is illegal to ride your eBike on public roads/cycle paths with a tuning device fitted. By purchasing a device from eBike tuner ltd you agree that eBike tuner ltd cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, fine or cost to you, your eBike or anyone else involved in your particular incident.


The use of any tuning products may void the warranty of your eBike. We take no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of any of our products.

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Just got my v3 set up on my new cube stereo hybrid, easy to install, easy to set up and after a quick test ride, it seems to perform great! 26mph was easily achieved and maintained alone a stretch of road with headwind… No more checking wind speed and direction before going out for a ride! Look forward to seeing how it performs on some trails in the next few weeks. Thanks again George for all the help and guidance, top guy.

Dan Jackson

Is the volspeed suitable to be installed into a 2021 performance line engine

William lowry

i have a new bike with a Bosch Gen4 2022 motor,
do you have a tuner to suit.


Great blog thanks for the info, where did you purchase your volspeed ?
Thanks, Jim.

James Eddleston

Thanks for your guidance is there any way you tune my bike I have bike viktron g9 electric bike I pay the cost I am London essex thanks

Yakub Ismail

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