How To Derestrict a Bosch eBike (updated for 2024)

How To Derestrict a Bosch eBike (updated for 2024)

In this blog post we'll explain how you can derestrict an eBike with a Bosch motor. We'll discuss everything you need to know about tuning chips for the standard Bosch motors found on any eBikes from 2014 to present

We will also discuss the best tuning chips for the Bosch Smart System eBikes (scroll straight to the bottom you've got one of these).

Before we start, please note that removing the speed limit on your eBike can void your warranty, eBikes with the speed restriction removed are illegal and only to be used on private land. 

(Last updated 18th June 2024)

How does tuning a Bosch motor work? 

Bosch motors are one of the most popular choices for eBike manufacturers. In recent years with the likes of Cube, Cannondale & Whyte have chosen it as their motor of choice for their eBikes. The Gen4 motor in particular is extremely powerful - it will tackle the steepest climb with ease. However, despite all the power the 25km/h speed restriction will kick in, meaning that on the flat terrain you will be pedalling against the motor, unable to go any faster. For many, 25km/h is enough speed for an eBike. However, for those of us that want to be able to ride a bit faster on private land, you will need a tuning chip. A tuning chip essentially removes the 25km/h speed restriction on your eBike and allows you to continue to pedal with assistance from your Performance Line CX motor. 

Derestricting a Bosch (non-smart) powered eBike 

There are a variety of different tuning chips available for Bosch (non-smart) motors. To save you the time, we're only discussing the two most popular eBike tuning chips; VOLspeed V4 & Speedbox 3.0. We are aware of other options available, however due to the similar price points and reliability of these particular options we believe that these are the best chips available for any Bosch motor, excluding Smart System models.

VOLspeed V4 for Bosch

VOLspeed V4 Bsoch

This tuning chip is compatible with all Bosch eBikes from 2014 onwards (excludes smart system). It's been incredible popular over the last few years, just check out all the amazing reviews here.

The reason why riders love this tuning chip so much is that not only does it remove the 25km/h speed restriction but it allows you to easily set a new max speed up to 45kmh (28mph).

This is a brilliant feature as it keeps you in control of the speed and gives you flexibility as it can be adjusted at anytime. The V4 version is now a true plug & play solution that doesn't require any initial programming. After installing the chip, simply press the minus button on your display for 3 seconds and select your new max speed limit (up to 45kmh). The VOLspeed V4 is compatible with all Bosch display units; Purion, Nyon, Kiox & Intuvia. 

You can check this awesome installation video from Italjohn below

Speedbox 3.0 for Bosch

Speedbox are an eBike tuning OG, they have been around for many years and have the best selection of tuning chips available for all of the major eBike motors (check out the full range here). In January 2020, the Speedbox 3.0 was released. Due to Bosch implementing new anti-tuning measures, the company completely updated their Bosch tuning kit to give riders a reliable solution that was simple to use.

As you can see from the photos, the VOLspeed V4 and Speedbox 3.0 are very similar in looks. Both tuning chips connect in exactly the same way offering a true play & play solution. To activate the Speedbox, simply press the 'Walk' button on your handlebar control and 9.9km/h (6.1mp/h) will appear, meaning the tuning chip is active and the 25km/h restriction is removed. To turn the chip off, you simply press 'Walk' again and 2.5km/h (1.6mp/h) will appear.

The Speedbox 3.0 does allow you to set a new max speed however it is not done at the beginning of the installation and can be tricky to do compared to the VOLspeed. We find it easier to just stick to the simple on/off derestriction when using the Speedbox.

One key difference between the two tuning chips is that when using the Speedbox 3.0 on a Bosch Gen 4 motor, you are required to leave the eBike on after finishing a ride until the value of 0.0km/h appears on the display. This countdown is in place to prevent the eBike from recognising that a tuning chip has been fitted. During the countdown a timer will appear on the display, showing you how long left until it's complete. For best practice we recommend leaving the eBike to turn itself off once the countdown is finished. This only applies to Gen4 motors though, older Active or Performance Line motors can be switched off immediately.

Premium Option

If you're somebody that loves the latest technology and is often glued to your phone. Speedbox also have a premium bluetooth version. It comes with heaps of advanced features such as; tuning control, speed setting, motor lock, trip data & diagnostics, all via your iPhone or Android device. 

Buy Now - Speedbox 3.0 B.Tuning for Bosch eBike | Premium Bluetooth Version

Will a tuning chip cause my eBike to go into Limp Mode?

The dreaded 'Limp Mode' is one phrase that all riders with Bosch motors will be aware of. Essentially it is where the eBike shuts down and an error code 504 appears on your display. The 504 error appears when the Bosch motor detects that a tuning chip is fitted. The good news is that this error can be easily cleared by riding for 90 minutes unassisted or doing this clever drill hack. It's worth noting that the 504 error has been known to appear on eBikes WITHOUT tuning chips fitted.  From experience we've found it very rare for an eBike to go into limp mode with a VOLspeed V4 or Speedbox 3.0 fitted. Many of the errors reported online are often from riders who have tried a DIY solution like tampering with their speed sensor or magnet.

If you set a sensible max speed of 40-45km/h on the VOLspeed V4 or follow the countdown each time on the Speedbox 3.0 you shouldn't have any problems. 

Please note that whilst these tuning kits have a very high success rate, neither of them are 100% guaranteed. If you're unfortunate to get a 504 error, there is no need to panic, simply reset the eBike and you're good to go again.

It's worth pointing out again that fitting a third party device like a tuning kit to your eBike can potentially void your warranty. If your warranty is important to you, we recommend waiting for it to expire before considering a tuning kit.

What tuning chip should I choose? 

So you've read through the details of each tuning chip and are now ready to make a decision. We have tested both of these tuning chips extensively and believe that both are excellent choices for the Bosch motor, including the Gen 4 Performance Line CX motor.

However, if we had to choose between the two, we would opt for the VOLspeed V4 for two reasons;

1. Easily set a new max speed limit on your eBike

2. No countdown after completing a ride

Buy Now - VOLspeed V4 Bosch

All of our tuning chips are available to order from our UK, US & Australian warehouses. We ship worldwide and accept GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD. 


Derestricting a Bosch Smart System eBike

The Bosch Smart System was released in 2022 and requires a different tuning chip from the options we have shared above. If you own an eBike equipped with the Bosch Smart System your options are more limited but there are some great solutions on the market today.

Please note: none of the tuning chips listed below are compatible with eBikes fitted with the Rim Magnet sensor, located on the rear-wheel valve. You can shop these here.

How to tell if I have a Bosch Smart System eBike? 

You can easily tell if you have a Bosch Smart System eBike if it is fitted with an LED remote control. Many are fitted with a Kiox 300 or Intuvia 100 display. If your eBike has either a Purion, Intuvia or original Kiox. You have a non-smart model. You will be able to fit either the VOLspeed V4 or Speedbox 3.0 that we discussed earlier in this post. 

Best Bosch Smart System Tuning Chips

Speedbox 1.1 B.Tuning Chip 

The Speedbox 1.1 B.Tuning gives riders advanced features such as tuning control, motor lock, ride data & 'invisible mode' function - all via the Speedbox app (available on iPhone & Android)



VOLspeed for Bosch Smart System

The bestselling Bosch tuning chip is now available for the smart system. Like all VOLspeed chips, it allows a custom max speed up to 45kmh (28mph). The chip is plug & ride, it can be switched on or off using the handlebar controls. Check out our full review here 

How does tuning a Bosch Smart System eBike work?

All of these tuning chips fit directly to the motor with original connections. Once fitted, riders simply activate the chip each time they wish to ride derestricted. With the Speedbox a short countdown will appear on the display after completing a ride. Riders can just let the display turn itself off to ensure that accurate distances are recorded.

Can I see accurate speed on my display or flow app?

Only the Speedbox will show your speed in kmh. When in use, the display shows the real speed up to 22.2 km/h. After exceeding this speed your actual speed is indicated on the last two digits of the display.


- 22.3 corresponds to a speed of 23 km/h

- 23.1 corresponds to a speed of 31 km/h

- 24.5 corresponds to a speed of 45km/h

If using the VOLspeed, the speed reading is fixed above 22kmh when riding derestricted. 

What are my chances of getting an error code?

Like with all tuning chips, nothing is 100% guaranteed. The Bosch Smart System is more advanced than the previous Bosch system so there is a higher chance of an error. That being said, riders can minimise the risk of triggering an error by following these steps;

- Switching off automatic updates on the flow app

- If you do update, always remove the chip beforehand (this is essential)

- Set a lower maximum speed between 40-45kmh 

- Allow your display to turn itself off after each ride 

If you do happen to trigger an error code, this can be cleared by riding the bike for 60-90 minutes in unassisted mode. 

What tuning chip should I choose? 

If you're looking for a chip that offers great performance, reliability and easy installation. We recommend the VOLspeed (check out our full review here), it allows a derestriction up to 45kmh (28mph). This has been set by the manufacturer to reduce the risk of error codes. However, riders can choose to increase the max speed if they wish. 

This makes it a great option for any UK, EU or Australia riders who have a 25kmh factory speed limit. It also works on eBikes with 32kmh limits. 

VOLspeed for Bosch Smart System - Shop Now

If you're looking for the most advanced features and smartphone compatibility. We highly recommend the SpeedBox 1.1 B.Tuning. This premium version allows riders to connect their eBike to the SpeedBox app (available on iPhone & Android) where they can control their tuning chip and see accurate ride data in real time. 

It also gives you a tonne of advanced features like; custom speed, motor lock, invisible mode and real-time ride tracking. 

SpeedBox 1.1 B.Tuning Chip for Bosch Smart System - Shop Now

 All of our tuning chips are available to order from our UK, US & Australian warehouses. We ship worldwide and accept GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD. 

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Electric bikes equipped with tuning devices are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with tuning products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. Under the EU's EN15194 regulation it is illegal to ride your eBike on public roads/cycle paths with a tuning device fitted. By purchasing a device from eBike tuner ltd you agree that eBike tuner ltd cannot be held liable for any damage, injury, fine or cost to you, your eBike or anyone else involved in your particular incident.


The use of any tuning products may void the warranty of your eBike. We take no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of any of our products.

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Hi.I have a 2024 Mondraker Crafty RR with the Bosch gen 4 system with 500 kiosk display. Which Ebike tuner would you recommend. Thank you.
EBIKE TUNER replied:
Thanks for getting in touch, Sorin. We recommend the VOLspeed Smart for your ebike, it allows a derestriction up to 28mph. You can order here:

Sorin Holerga

I have cube 2023 with smart system. Fitted a speedbox. Got errors and went into limp mod had to remove it and get dealer to remove errors with laptop. Cheers Joe
EBIKE TUNER replied:
Hi Joe. Did you purchase the chip from us? Please email us at with your order number and one of the team will respond.

Joe lamont

I have a moustache samedi 27 xroad 3 and my bike had 3tims error code 524001 an now it’s not responding on the display any ide have to reset
EBIKE TUNER replied:
The errors can be cleared by riding for 60-90 mins with the bike switched ON but assistance level OFF. Did you you purchased the chip from us? If so, please email us at with your order number and one of the team will assist.


Buying a moustache samedi game 7 with Bosch smart system what would you recommend?Got one of your chips on my Bianci been brilliant.Thanks for what you do . cheers John
EBIKE TUNER replied:
Thanks for getting in touch, John. We recommend the VOLspeed Smart for your ebike. You can order here:

John Stevens

Hi I have a Cube22 Supreme Sport Hybrid ONE 400 EasyEntry. It has a Bosch performance Gen 3 motor. What chip would u recommend?
EBIKE TUNER replied:
Thanks for getting in touch, Ben. We recommend the VOLspeed V4 for your ebike, it allows a derestriction up to 28mph. You can order here:


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