VOLspeed V4 for Bosch eBikes Full Review

VOLspeed V4 for Bosch eBikes Full Review

In this blog post we are going to review the VOLspeed V4 tuning chip and explain the main differences compared to the V3 version. Before we start, please note that removing the speed limit on your eBike can void your warranty, derestricted eBikes are illegal and only to be used on private land.  


The VOLspeed V4 tuning chip is an updated version of the hugely successful V3 model. It is compatible with a variety Bosch eBikes from 2014-22. Please note it is not compatible with the 'Smart System' models releasing at the end of the year.


- Plug & Ride with no programming required

- Simple activation via the minus button

- Full use of Speed/Distance on your display 

- Option to set an activation code to prevent unauthorised use

- Advanced programming available to optimise your performance 


V4 vs V3 Comparison

Plug & Ride

The key difference between the V4 & V3 is that the new version requires no initial programming. This is great news for riders that want a plug & play solution, removing the chances of any human error during setup. Over the last 18 months we found that many riders found the initial programming on the V3 a little bit confusing which resulted in delays with setting it up. 

Tamper Detection

The V3 was the most reliable tuning chip on the market, resulting in very few 504 (anti-tuning) errors. The majority of errors are caused by riders consistently exceeding a high speed limit (>45km/h). As a result the V4 will only allow you to set a new max speed from 25-45km/h. VOLspeed have also improved the anti-tuning technology to reduce the chance of errors further, even on the most recent software update.

Advanced Programming

Assistance levels can now be configured on each ride mode (Eco, Tour, eMTB, Turbo) which can be activated during your ride. A total of 4 different support settings are available within each ride mode. 


The table above shows the level of motor support in each of the ride modes. As you can see by activating alternative mode on the V4 it enables the motor to produce slightly more support in each mode. Alternative mode is activated during your ride, with the V4 active simply press the WALK button twice in your chosen ride mode and 12 km/h will appear on your display. You can even go one step further and manually adjust the eMTB and Tour+ ride modes if you really want to. The V4 also comes with a detailed instruction manual for those that want to test out all the features available. 


The VOLspeed V3 was our top pick for the Bosch motor last year so was always going to be tough to beat. The V4 does come in slightly more expensive than the previous version but we think these improvements make it worth it. Not only is it the most reliable but it now has the more features and is plug & ride. 

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Interested in the v4 but can it run on mph or has it to stay on Km/h

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